Choose the Boring Guy

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The last time I fell madly, deeply in love, I got my heart badly broken. After that tragic heartbreak, I woke up to the realization that it was all wrong. I was so wrong for being so in love, wrong for holding on for too long, for not moving on, for punishing myself, for not realizing what I truly deserve. I dealt things immaturely.

It was not how love is supposed to be like.

So I promised myself that the next time I fall in love, I will try to protect my heart as much as I can. I will keep it sheltered, I will not give it whole on shallow terms and to someone who does not deserve it. And I will not give in to my feelings quickly. The next guy (who is now my husband) came at the very least expected time. Like any other love story…

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Mahathir’s diagnosis: Najib lacks capacity, depth and has low IQ


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What else can (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak), the insouciant PM do? He will say it’s an internal matter. About the criticism that Dr Mahathir made of him. Najib’s faithful boys have all come out defending the boss. As they should. But they offer no substantive rebuttal.

We have not heard the retort from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We can be certain that Dr Mahathir, once he is hooked on something, will eventually go for the jugular. It is the beginning of the end for Najib. Dr Mahathir as Tun Musa Hitam says, wants nothing short but the removal of Najib as PM.

Najib’s boys are scrambling to defend the boss. Some cited the different situation Najib is in at the moment. They are saying, the problems faced by Najib are much greater.

Some would prefer the criticisms made privately. Dr Mahathir must have done this continuously. Indeed he…

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How doctors respond to chronic pain

A Better NHS

6a00d8341bfb1653ef0192aace21ed970d-500wiFrida Kahlo, The Broken Column, 1944

That [Kahlo] became a world legend is in part due to the fact that … under the new world order, the sharing of pain is one of the essential preconditions for a redefining of dignity and hope. John Berger

 Please don’t come back!

My forehead thumped down on my desk after a ten minute appointment that had stretched out to over half an hour, I felt completely exhausted and still I had another 17 patients to see and I was now running 25 minutes late. It wasn’t just that I felt exhausted, I felt useless and demoralized and more than that, I felt angry, really pissed off.

I had spent the last 30 minutes listening to Sharon describe her pains, which shifted from the somatic – how they feel, to despair – how she feels, and anger – how she feels about me…

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